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  • Currently(2009) I am working as a Senior Director of Projects for Emaar which is one of the leading real estate and property development companies in the world and with the largest market value in the region (MEAFrica). Emaar has evolved over the last decade as provider of premier lifestyle. Emaar is building the iconic Burj Dubai - the tallest building in the world.I have been actively involved in developing and managing one of Emaar's successful Single Family development - the prestigious Arabian Ranches.

    Till 2002 and during 3 decades of practicing architecture I found myself much into areas of practice where there is some strong linkage to the past (vernacular, classic, native). Such areas need more freedom and instantaneous architectural detailing and decision making at site and not on drawing boards. These areas require that the architect creates a very close associates of workers and craftsmen. Each and everyone of these has personal inherited talents in detailing and understanding of such architecture. My direct responsibilities and interest is to create a language that would let all these talents to develop an integrated and cohesive architectural theme (covered almost all fields development from land-use earth moving, cutting , filling and leveling) , planning, construction , landscaping , irrigation networks, management of green areas and facilities.. In this respect and through some very diversified interest and unique "self-organization setup" I've managed to maintain presence and leadership at site where I was the architect, team motivator, administrator , development/ project and construction manager. However the contribution of the patron (owner) in being considerate, creative in participating with concepts and ideas is instrumental.

    Adapting old buildings , facilities and architectural elements (doors, windows, panels, columns, etc) which always outlive their original functions for a new use but preserve their main features has always attracted me much.. Our cities ,and towns are full of such old buildings and elements which could be re-used for same functions or new purposes .As such it is more economical for most owners of such buildings to adapt and preserve the functions of this dilapidating buildings than demolishing them. My other area of interest is Green Architecture, which is a term recently become popular to refer to sustainable and an environment friendly bio-architecture. In this field of architecture natural materials (wood, stone, etc) are used as well transplanting of trees instead of cutting them down, in addition to adaptive reuse of older buildings and elements.

    I've practiced architecture and landscaping over the last decade in the desert where the soil is sandy , gritty and lacks organic matter, and where the underground water is brackish and salty. Such situations have always been challenging and hard, but with great interest to overcome I managed to convert some of the most barren desert lands to greenlands and an environment friendly development as you shall see in the following few pages (slides)

    Excluded from all these examples are my other practices in contemporary and modern architecture, where advanced techniques made it more affordable and easy to execute, and sometimes without any originality or uniqueness in character.

    I hope that these pages and examples should be regarded as my modest contribution to native and vernacular architectural education and practice; but not to be looked upon as examples for self-promotion.

    Abubakr Sidahmed